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Welcome to Economics Homework Helper. By clicking “I Agree” when signing up or using the website you accept to adhere to the disclaimers and guidelines published on the site.

Meaning of Terms

  1. “User”, “Your”, or “You” refers to the client or the person reading this.
  2. “Economics Homework Helper”, “Our”, “Us” refers to this website
  3. “Client”, “Customer” refers to the person who uses the website or makes an inquiry through the site.
  4. “Expert”, “Tutor”, “Writer” refers to the person who provides solutions to the clients’ problems
  5. “Quality Assurers”, “Quality Assurance Team” refers to the individuals responsible for checking the quality of the content

The Website

Economics Homework Helper is a one-stop hub for providing academic solutions to clients. The clients provide their assignment instructions to the tutors and they decide how to complete the assignment based on the requirements. Economics Homework Helper does not allow any form of interaction between the client and the expert handling the assignments and may limit both of them from using the website’s resources. We do not favor any client or suggest any particular expert. If a client is found using the website’s resources without authorization or even using the material from this website for any other purpose apart from which it is intended, this would be considered a breach of contract.
Economics Homework Helper is not responsible for any missing information on the client’s content, or how experts respond to the inquiries, or the ability of clients to pay for their academic documents. We are also not responsible for how both the client and experts handle their deals, as we cannot be certain that they will both keep their end of the bargain. Additionally, the Economics Homework Helper will pull down any material that breaches human privileges such as violent material, adult content, unlawful material, public hate, delicate material, or psychological defaming content. The website reserves the right to eliminate such content without informing the clients.

Anonymous Posts

The content on Economics Homework Helper is presented in regards to your concerns, demand for details, credentials, solutions, reactions, comments, information, signatures, and content from forums where clients and experts connect on the site. These are collectively known as posts. This information may be collected, read, and reused by others, as we do not provide an attorney-benefit benefit to protect it. To protect your posts’ privacy on our site, use an alias name, and do not include any personal details like the email, address, phone number, etc.

No client-expert one-to-one guidance

This website must only be used for homework preparation. Any in-person assessment or guidance in form of private discussions will be treated as a breach of contract. The communications made on the website are not private. You agree that you will be held responsible for any comment that suggests harassment of our experts, or any information sent through our channels that results in illegal acts such as robbery, etc. We have the right to deactivate your account if we find out any direct client-expert communications.

Promotion and marketing messages

Economics Homework Helper reserves the right to send you occasional promotional messages, and newsletters via the email you provided during your account sign-up. However, you can unsubscribe from these alerts any time you wish and no further messages will be sent to your email address again.

Right to Amend Our Terms and Conditions

Economics Homework Helper reserves the right to make changes to its terms of service and publish them on the website without informing its clients. For this reason, it is advisable that clients check this page often in order to avoid missing important information and updates.

User Account

When registering an account with Economics Homework Helper, you produce a username and a password, which you use every time you want to log in. You agree that you are responsible for your account’s secrecy and privacy as you will be held accountable for any activity performed under your username. Any malicious functions performed under your account will lead to suspension or deactivation of your account without warning. You also agree that you will not recreate, modify, use, post, convert, spread, or republish assignments for personal gain without authorization from Economics Homework Helper.
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