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Financial economics is a field of economics that studies the circulation and usage of various resources in the money market. It applies economics theories to evaluate how risks, time, information, and opportunity cost can create incentives. It drives policy consequences from stipulated assumptions. Financial economics closely relates to behavioral economics, behavioral finance, rational behavior, and gambler fallacy econometrics. It is concerned with the correlation between specific financial variables like shares, interest rates, and prices.
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Financial Economics Homework Help

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Aspects of Financial Economics

Financial economics has various aspects but the two most important ones are:
  • Discounting: With continued decision-making over time, economists have discovered that the value of money in ten years’ time will be less than its value now. For instance, to find a value of $1 in ten years we can discount it to allow for inflation, risk, and other factors that may influence its value in the future. It is the failure to discount properly that has led to problems like underfunding of pension schemes that have been witnessed in many countries in recent years.
  • Risk management and diversification: Many financial-economic indicators show that financial products may fall or rise in the future. Potential stock market buyers are able to make informed decisions based on these indicators, an act that has brought huge returns. However, although stocks bring high returns on average, a huge percentage of these returns are used to compensate for the risks.
Financial economics relies heavily on basic accounting concepts and microeconomics. In addition, it requires one to get familiar with basic statistics and probability, since these are the tools used to evaluate and measure risk.

Financial Economics Assignment Solution

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Applications of Financial Economics Today

The financial system of any country is supported by the central bank and the economy as a whole. In addition to providing employment, financial economics is responsible for two main functions:
  • Credit provision: Credit improves the economy activity by allowing individuals and businesses to invest more than their cash in hand, governments to smoothen their spending and to invest in infrastructure, and people to own homes without having to pay the entire cost in advance. Banks provide a huge amount of credit to cater to these activities. However, the biggest providers of most credit are financial markets.
  • Liquidity provision: Every business or household needs to have an urgent source of cash in case of an emergency. Banks are the main providers of liquidity by offering both credit and demand deposits that individuals can withdraw when in need. Furthermore, banks have tapped the financial markets and are now offering to buy or sell insecurities and other products needed by businesses or individuals at modest transaction costs.

Financial Economics Online Tutor

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Responsibilities of a Financial Economist

A financial economist conducts research, prepares reports, and formulates plans that help an organization solve economic problems. He/she can work in any of the following fields of financial economics:
  • Investment banking
  • Asset banking
  • Financial engineering
  • Commercial banking and management
  • Consulting
  • Corporate financial management
  • Private equity
If you are seeking a career as a financial economist, you need to have knowledge of the above areas. A business generally requires a financial economist to help it raise the funds required for long-term and short-term investments, corporate reorganization initiatives, expansion projects, and operational requirements. This individual also acts as the consulting agent of the business guiding it regarding various financial investments. He/she collects and analyzes data, develops economic forecasts, and monitors the economic trends. The position is considered one that demands tremendous dedication, hard work, and vast knowledge of the field.

Financial Economics Problem Help

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Proficiencies and Skills of a Financial Economist

A student pursuing financial economics as a major is expected to have the following qualities when beginning his/her career as a financial economist:
  • Expert knowledge of economics and proficiency in financial markets, accounting principles, banking analysis as well as reporting of financial data
  • Knowledge of mathematical concepts such as geometry, algebra, calculus, statistics and their applications
  • Ability to undertake research and solving economic problems
  • Preparing documents, reports, and statistics
  • Knowledge about government regulations, laws, court procedures, and executive orders
In today’s ever-changing economy, the duties of a financial economist are extremely important and the career field is highly responsible. Therefore, one needs to have the relevant qualifications, key proficiencies, as well as good awareness of the responsibilities for the job. If these are in order, one would be able to solve any economic problem, process economic and statistical data, and analyze and forecast financial markets in order to uplift a business’s economy.


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