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How to Prepare For Your Online Economics Exam

How to prepare for your online economic exam

Doing online economics exams is an unfamiliar mode of assessment for many students. This online mode of assessment has divided students, with some preferring it because they can do their exams from anywhere. In contrast, others prefer to sit in on exams because they believe online invigilation is too invasive. However, we are here to ensure that you know all the dos and don’ts of an online economics exam. We have provided a step-by-step guide on how to prepare for your online economics exam. This guide is meant to help you plan, revise, and prepare for your online economics exams.

This guide applies perfectly to economics exam preparation. We have based our guide on good revision;

  • It focuses on what you need to revise.
  • It is well planned out.
  • uses effective ways that will help in understanding what you are reading.
  • It has the best exam practices that will help you perform better.

Steps To Prepare For Your Online Economics Exam

Step 1: Plan for your exams

The best environment to revise and sit for your online exam should be a private space. If you do not have a dedicated room for this, you can choose a corner in your bedroom. Ensure that you have a comfortable chair and a table. People have different situations, and therefore;

  • If you are revising or doing your online exam in a shared space, earplugs or headphones can help.
  • If you do not have access to a table, you will require a flat surface to work on.
  • Let everyone in the room where you are taking your exam know that you are revising for the exam or taking the exam to avoid disruptions.

Step 2: Revising and Practicing For Your Online Economics Test

Create a Revision And Exam Practice Timetable

Ensure that you create a timetable that covers all the days you will be revising until the day of the exam. In the exam;

  1. Ensure that you include all the dates and exam formats in your plan, including all the other things that you feel will be important during the exam period.
  2. Treat your revision period like a full-time job that has breaks and time to relax.
  3. Be disciplined with your revision periods.

Identify What to Revise

  • Ensure that you understand the learning outcomes of each topic.
  • List all the topics that will be tested and identify the main ones.
  • Look at past papers and identify the topics that are more tested than others.
  • Take an audit of all the areas you need to study, and choose the ones that are giving you a challenge, and concentrate on them.
  • Revision techniques
  • Ensure you revise complex topics and materials when free and have enough time.
  • When you are tired and have less time, revise easier topics.
  • Identify all the issues, practices, topics, concepts, facts, and formulas of the topics you are covering.
  • Ensure that you have a checklist of the areas you want to revise for each exam, tick the areas you have completed, and adjust your time plan so that you can revise all the areas you want.
Revising and practicing for your online economic test.....practice timetable

Exam Practice

Having a practice exam will help you get used to working under different exam conditions. You can do this by;

  1. Try to complete them under exam conditions.
  2. You can draft your own questions if you do not have access to different past papers.

Exam Techniques

Before you start writing the answers to your economics test questions, read all the questions and ensure that you understand all the instructions. If any, identify the weighty questions. While attempting the questions, you can opt to start with questions with the highest marks. You should also consider dividing the exam time between the different questions so that you don’t spend all your time on a specific question.If you have to choose the questions to answer. Go through all the questions and choose the ones you understand best.

Exam Anxiety

Anxiety can be described as the body’s response to fear. In most cases, it happens through fearful thoughts. Many students struggle with anxiety, especially during exams. This can be worse in an online exam because one is alone in a room. However, there are different ways in which one can deal with anxiety. They include;

1. Breathing exercise – Repeated birthing helps to reduce anxiety. Therefore hold your breath for 4 seconds, breathe using your nose for 4 seconds and breathe using your mouth for 4 seconds. While doing this, ensure that your mind is focused.

2. Activities that reduce anxiety – Many other activities help reduce anxiety. They include dancing, singing, reading, listening to music, etc. You need to be very relaxed in your exam room.

Step 3: Preparations before The Exam Day

Ensure you have all the necessary material for your online economics exam. Being an online exam, ensure that your laptop or desktop works perfectly. Ensure that you have a calculator, a pen, and any other thing that can be helpful in your exam.

Prepare the room where you will take your exam from. If you are in a shared room, ensure that everyone knows you will take an online exam.

Step 4: The Online Exam Time

Practice all the techniques you have learned in the previous steps.

Start answering your test when you have all the requirements in place.

Ensure that you understand all the instructions for your paper.

Preparation before exam day

How to Recover When You Are Stuck

At times, when answering your questions, your mind can become black, and this can cause confusion. If this happens, do not panic. Take a minute or two to breathe and refocus. Re-read the given instructions and even write the instructions in your work works. This will help you focus again. You can also opt to note down everything you know about the topic you are dealing with. If you still do not understand that question, leave a gap and first move to the other questions.


The dream of every student is to score the best grades in their exams. If you are taking an online test, ensure that the exam environment is conducive. If you are in a shared room, ensure that they all know that you are taking an exam. Before starting your online exam, read and understand all the instructions. When answering the questions, start with questions carrying high marks. Additionally, do not dwell too much on questions you do not understand. Give every question a limited time and move to the next one. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible to score high marks.

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