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How to Successfully Write your Economics Homework

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Understanding and Interpreting Economics Homework

The dream of every student is to score the highest grades on their homework. However, there are many challenges that students must face when completing tasks. They include limited time, tough tasks, too many tasks, etc. If you want to score the highest grades on your economics homework in college, you must first read and understand the homework requirements. At first, your homework might look simple, but after further analysis, you may find many things that are not clear. This article will assist you in understanding and interpreting economics homework to help you come up with reasonable responses.

Basic beginnings

While working on your economics task, adopting the following habits will help you;

  • Read your homework keenly after receiving it. Immediately after receiving your homework, ensure that you read it carefully. A task can look simple and straightforward at first, only to find that many things are not clear.
  • Ask questions about anything unclear. If anything is not clear in the homework, don't hesitate to ask your instructor.

Homework formats

Almost all tasks have a basic format. Every task begins with an overview and, in other cases, an introduction that includes a central verb describing the task, additional suggestions, and questions.

The overview

The instructor can give a general discussion of the homework subject, remind you of something you discussed in class, and introduce the topic.

The task of the homework

This part explains to you what is expected of you in that homework. In this part, you should pay attention to the key verbs in the sentence. Also, how words such as why, how, where, when, what, etc. Such words help you when writing the solution.

  • Additional material
  • In this section, you will find questions that can guide you when analyzing the homework. Many professors will add such questions as suggestions and not as part of the requirements. If you come across such questions, pay attention to their order.
  • Style tips
  • Here, the instructor writes about their expectations of you. They will state the style of writing they expect. Here you will get comments such as; arguing furiously, being concise, etc.
  • The technical details
  • In the technical details, you get instructions about the format guidelines. Your assignment should be double-spaced, typed in Palatino font, and not exceed 5000 words.

Interpreting the homework

There are a few basic questions that you should ask yourself as you read and write down the answers to the asked questions. Such questions should include;

1. Why did the instructor opt for this homework?

Your instructor has given you homework so that they can see whether you understand what has been taught or whether you can do research on specific topics. Your professor wants you to think critically about the different scenarios in the homework. The instructor wants to take materials taught in class and use them to complete the task. When answering the question of why the instructor opted for that homework, consider what the teacher has been teaching. Here you look at;

  • The textbooks that the instructor chose for the course.
  • The opinions the instructor asks in class
  • The kind of tasks that are done in this discipline

2. Who is the target audience?

In this section, you must think about your audience. In the case of such economics homework, your audience is your instructor, who will be the reader of the task. The target audience determines the tone of the solution and the level of information you want to pass.

3. What kind of evidence is needed to support the ideas?

Three main factors determine the kind of evidence to use in your homework. They are the discipline your homework comes from, the different parameters of the homework, and the preference of the instructor. In the case of economics, you decide whether to use historical examples, rely on personal experience, etc. Ensure that this part is clear because your evidence determines whether the paper is successful or not.

4. Which writing styles will be acceptable?

Most times, your instructor will specify the styles used in the homework. The main thing is that your instructor must understand our idea in the homework. If the instructors have insisted on specific writing aspects in class, ensure that you follow them. The reason for testing you is so that they can see whether you understand what they have taught in class. Ensure that you write what the reader of your homework can easily understand. Ensure that you look at the common errors done by students to avoid losing points on the same.

5. What are the main rules of the paper?

This is simply the technical information of the paper that the instructor gives. In this section, you must know the little elements of the paper, such as the paper length, referencing format, the font to use, etc. All the information provided in this section must be fulfilled. The instructor uses this section to check whether you are good at following instructions.

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While answering these questions, look at them from the instructor's point of view. You must understand that the instructor had a specific reason for giving you this particular homework.

Tricks that don't work when writing your homework

If you try to trick your instructor, know that they have seen most of these tricks, and you will not be the first one to use them. Some of the tricks students use that don't work include;

  • Spending more time on the homework body's cover page – Note that good binders and the best titles do not represent a perfectly written paper. It is therefore important to concentrate on the homework body.
  • Using big fonts, wide margins, or extra spacing – Many students try to trick their instructors by using big fonts, extra spacing, or wide margins to meet the number of pages required. Note that this is a trick that all the instructors will notice.
  • Using a paper from a different class that covers similar material – If you opt to use a similar solution from a different class, your instructor will likely know because tasks will always have a difference. Therefore, if you don't understand something in the assignment, you should ask your instructor rather than look for shortcuts.
  • Thinking more than the homework is asking for – Showing that you can think beyond your homework is good; however, even if you think beyond your homework, ensure that you answer questions asked in the homework. The instructor will not award you for overthinking if you don't answer.
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Final word

If you are studying economics and want to score the best grades on your homework, consider the points stated above. While writing your homework, remember that your instructor is your audience, and therefore you should always consider them when deciding the tone of the paper. If your instructor gives specific instructions for your homework, avoid tricks on the instructions because all instructors know the tricks students use, which can cost you marks. Lastly, if anything is not clear in the homework, always have the confidence to seek clarification from your instructor.

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